A visit to a small agricultural show – Tockwith, North Yorkshire


Around the country at this time of year, there are many agricultural shows, large and small.  All of them have the same aim – highlighting the best that farming has to offer. Exhibitors young and old take great pride in presenting their animals and their produce in the best way possible.  Most of the visitors to agricultural shows are not farming folk, and for them it’s simply a great, interesting day out.




Tockwith Show last weekend was no exception.  And of course, the hot sunshine helped enormously.

One of the stands belonged to Ken Horner, a local man who started making walking sticks and shepherds’ crooks when he retired 20 years ago.

In that time, he has donated over £50,000 to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the MacMillan nursing service.  He’s still going strong.


Tockwith is a modest village and has only two documented claims to fame – the ‘petals’ of the amazing London 2012 Olympic cauldron were made here; and Oliver Cromwell stayed in the village on his way to the battle of Marston Moor.

To me, there is a third – its great annual agricultural show.

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