Why a blog about farming?

I really should know more about farming.

Being a farmer’s ‘other half’ for quite a few years, you’d have thought that by now I would have a comprehensive grasp of all things agricultural.

It’s not that I’m uninterested – far from it.  I’m always asking questions and getting lots of information in return.

Trouble is, I promptly forget most of it.

So I thought it was high time I started learning properly.  What is there to learn?  Well – a lot. The reasons that things are done the way they are;  old traditions and modern technology; the no-nonsense  business sense and the heart-wrenching emotions of this complicated, fascinating job.

And quite possibly, there will be other non-farming folk who would like to understand a little more about the industry that produces so much of our food.

So if you want to find out what farmers actually do, this blog is for you.

Join me to discover some of the fundamental aspects of British farming.  It won’t be complicated – my brain wouldn’t cope!  Just plain facts, ideas and stories about the people who have made farming their life.

In other words: farming made simple.



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